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SAIDSA Training Centre

3rd Floor, Senet House

157 Van Riebeeck Avenue



P O Box 17103

Benoni West, 1503


Tel (011) 845-4870

Fax: (011) 845-4850

The SAIDSA Technical Training Courses consist of a number of short skills programmes designed to upgrade the skills of current technicians as well as new technicians coming into the industry.

The courses can be completed in the classroom or Online.

Each individual course carries a certificate of "Competency" which is recognised by SAIDSA and by the industry as Bona-fide training.

Classroom Training is carried out at the SAIDSA training centre in Edenvale and courses are also held at the coastal regions at designated dates. All courses are generic i.e. NO Product brands are mentioned or taught. Written and practical exams must be completed and candidates are required to attain a minimum pass rate in order to be deemed competent.

New technicians will get an absolute grounding in all aspects of Intruder Alarms, making it possible to utilise their skills immediately. All that will be required will be training in the specific Brand products that your company uses as well as practical on-the-job training.



Due to the technical nature of these courses, the following criteria needs to be met in order to attend SAIDSA Technical Training:


i. Grade 10 with 12 months practical    OR

ii. Grade 12 with 6 months practical     OR

iii. N3 with Electronic or Electrical training    OR

iv. Permanently employed within an electronic security company  



There are four options available:



No experience required but employers will have to screen for technical aptitude.

Suitable for new and current technicians . All subjects must be completed in order and at the same time and must be purchased as a complete package. The courses may not be split.



Online training is a convenient alternative to classroom training and can be completed at your own pace. These courses are also perfect if you are in an area not covered by classroom training.

The modules can be purchased individually as you progress. The courses consist of all the modules used in classroom training and a certificate of "Competency" can be downloaded after the successful passing of an exam.



The SAIDSA “Certified Technician” is the highest qualification recognised by SAIDSA and the industry in Intruder Alarms. This requires the successful completion and competency in all the subjects. This qualification requires a technician to be working in the Intruder Alarm industry for at least 6 months. Even an experienced technician will have to have completed and be found competent in ALL the Intruder Alarm Modules online or the 5 Day classroom training in order to qualify as a certified technician.


To qualify for “Certified” status, the learner will also be required to attend a 2 (two) day "Practical" assessment following the successful completion of all the "Theory" modules completed either "Online" or in the classroom.


The learner must have practical experience in the following:


  • Intruder Alarm wiring
  • Intruder Alarm installations
  • Control panel programming


Dates appear on the course calendar


  1. In order to become a “SAIDSA CERTIFIED” technician you will be required to comply with one of the criteria in below.
  2. a. All alarm technicians employed by a SAIDSA member company MUST complete the on-line or in-class SAIDSA competent course.

    b. SAIDSA members employing up to 9 technicians must have at least 1 (one) SAIDSA certified technician in their employ, and if they employ 10 or more then 20% of technicians must be Certified.

    c. Trainees who have never been employed in the industry before must first complete the competent course and gain at least 6 months experience and install not less than 12 alarm systems with a SAIDSA member company before completing the practical course and qualifying for SAIDSA Certified status.

    d. Those trainees who have obtained a SAIDSA Certified certificate before 1 May 2017 may upgrade their certificate to the new SAIDSA certified certificate by submitting proof of at least 24 months experience and have installed not less than 24 alarm systems with a SAIDSA member company

    e. Trainees who have been employed by a SAIDSA member company for 5 continuous  years and have completed the SAIDSA competent course may obtain SAIDSA certified status by submitting sufficient proof that he has been employed by a SAIDSA installation company for a period of not less than 5 years immediately prior to application and have installed not less than 50 SAIDSA compliant alarm systems, Alternatively the trainee can also complete the practical course.

     f. SAIDSA "Certified" status is only available to South African residents. 



This certificate course will teach a salesperson how to identify and select the correct products for an application, correctly assess a risk and place detectors according to the theory of detection and SAIDSA standards. This course is ideal for new and current salespersons.



This short course will allow Insurance Brokers, Loss adjustors and Assessors to become familiar with the identification and workings of the modern Intruder Alarm system, learn how to recognise problems and assess the risk in an installation. This course carries a certificate.




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Online Pricing

Online Technical Training -

R600 (Incl. VAT  (Per course)

Consists of 4 Modules

Courses can be purchased individually



Classroom Pricing

5 Day Technical Training -

R4000 + VAT


Cost includes Learning material, Certificates,

Lunches, Refreshments



All classes start strictly at 08h30


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