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SAIDSA attempts to meet its commitments to the public interest by:

  • Establishing a minimum eligibility standard for membership.
  • Inspecting the adequacy of the facilities available to provide service.
  • Examining the extent of financial risk to contain insolvency, i.e. credit rating.


Explanatory notes on membership

It should be appreciated that within the field of electronic security there are several disciplines viz. installing, repair and maintenance, monitoring and armed reaction. While some companies are engaged in all the disciplines, some may specialise in only one or two of these disciplines and it is therefore necessary to clearly define, for users of this booklet, a guideline.To this end, a short explanation of each category of membership, defining the business in which the member company would be engaged in, is given below.


Corporate Members

This category of membership is reserved for those companies that install, repair and maintain alarm systems and, in addition, operate an in-house monitoring service. Such a company is required to have, in its own employ, a specific number of technical staff, in order to facilitate a 24-hour repair service.

Its Central Station, which carries out the monitoring function, must comply with SAIDSA’s By-Law 1 which prescribes the standard of construction, equipment and operation for Central Stations.

In addition, a Corporate Member may also operate its own in-house armed reaction service and in such an instance this must comply with SAIDSA’s By-Law 3.


Associate Members

This category of membership refers to those member companies which install, repair and maintain security systems, but who may not operate an in-house monitoring or reaction service. Such a company will facilitate a monitoring or reaction service for its clients through an Approved Central Station service provider and/or armed reaction service provider.


Central Station Providers

This category of membership refers to a company which provides a monitoring service, largely to those companies which do not operate an in-house monitoring facility.


Reaction Service Members

The Reaction Service Member provides armed reaction. Due to the fact that a company operating an armed reaction service is restricted to specific geographic areas of operation, such members tend to be localised and will offer their services to other member companies and members of the public.


Affiliate Members

This membership category caters for those companies engaged in the supply of electronic equipment to the industry. Such members do not install, monitor or engage in armed reaction.


Code of Conduct

As a member of SAIDSA I undertake to:

  • Confirm and abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association and fulfil the requirements as laid down by the Security Officers Act.
  • Act with integrity, dedication and responsibility at all times, uphold standards and avoid any action contrary to the public interest that would bring the Association or the Industry into disrepute.
  • Decline to act in a professional capacity unless capable, qualified and competent to do so.
  • To support improvements to the law and administration, and to promote beneficial legislation or other measures affecting the Association and the security industry.


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